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Recover Lost iPhone Text Messages

Losing important text messages on an iPhone can be a frustrating experience. However, there are effective methods to recover those lost messages and regain access to valuable information.

Recover deleted text messages from Recently Deleted or iCloud backup

To recover deleted text messages from your iPhone, you have two options: using the Recently Deleted folder or restoring from an iCloud backup.

If you recently deleted a message and it’s still in the Recently Deleted folder, follow these steps:

1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
2. Tap on “More” at the bottom right corner of the screen.
3. Select “Edit” at the top left corner of the screen.
4. Tap on the circle next to the message(s) you want to recover.
5. Tap on “Recover” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

If the messages are not in the Recently Deleted folder or you want to recover older messages, you can restore from an iCloud backup. Here’s how:

1. Make sure you have an iCloud backup containing the text messages you want to recover. You can check this by going to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.
2. If you have a recent backup, you can erase your iPhone and restore from the backup. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the erasure.
3. Once your iPhone restarts, you’ll reach the “Apps & Data” screen. Select “Restore from iCloud Backup” and sign in with your Apple ID.
4. Choose the most recent backup that contains your deleted text messages and proceed with the restore.

Remember, restoring from an iCloud backup will replace all the data on your iPhone with the data from the backup, so make sure you have a recent backup and understand the consequences.

If you prefer to recover the text messages without erasing your iPhone, you can use third-party software like iMobie PhoneRescue or Dr.Fone. These tools can scan your iPhone and recover deleted messages, even without a backup. However, keep in mind that using third-party software may come with risks, so proceed with caution.

Restore deleted text messages from iTunes or Finder backup

To restore deleted text messages from your iTunes or Finder backup, follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
2. Open iTunes or Finder on your Mac or PC.
3. Select your iPhone from the device list in iTunes or Finder.
4. In iTunes, click on the “Restore Backup” button. In Finder, click on the “Restore iPhone” button.
5. A list of available backups will appear. Choose the backup that contains the deleted text messages you want to recover.
6. Click on the “Restore” button to begin the restore process.
7. Wait for the restore process to complete. This may take a while, depending on the size of the backup and the speed of your computer.
8. Once the restore is finished, your iPhone will restart and the deleted text messages should be restored to your device.

Remember to enter your Apple ID and password if prompted during the restore process.

It’s important to note that restoring a backup will replace all the data on your iPhone with the data from the backup. So, any data that was not included in the backup will be permanently deleted.

If you’re using a Mac with macOS Mojave or later, you can also use the Finder to restore your iPhone from a backup. Simply connect your iPhone to your Mac, open the Finder, select your iPhone from the sidebar, and follow the same steps mentioned above.

Retrieve deleted text messages using iCloud merge or third-party app

To retrieve deleted text messages from your iPhone, you can use iCloud merge or a third-party app. Here’s how:

1. Using iCloud merge:
– Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
– Tap on your name at the top of the screen to access your Apple ID settings.
– Select “iCloud” and then “iCloud Backup.”
– Make sure the “iCloud Backup” toggle is turned on.
– Tap on “Back Up Now” to create a backup of your device, including your text messages.
– Once the backup is complete, you can restore your iPhone using the backup to retrieve the deleted text messages.

2. Using a third-party app:
– Search for a reputable text message recovery app on the App Store.
– Install the app on your iPhone and follow the instructions to grant necessary permissions.
– Launch the app and allow it to scan your device for deleted text messages.
– Once the scan is complete, you should be able to preview and recover the deleted messages.
– Follow the app’s instructions to export the recovered messages back to your iPhone or save them to another device.

Request deleted text messages from your carrier

1. Contact your carrier: Start by reaching out to your carrier’s customer support. You can usually find their contact information on their website or on your monthly bill.

2. Provide necessary information: When you contact your carrier, be prepared to provide them with details such as your account information, phone number, and any other relevant information they may request. This will help them locate and retrieve the deleted text messages.

3. Request the deleted text messages: Clearly explain to the customer support representative that you would like to request deleted text messages from your iPhone. Be specific about the time frame or specific conversations you are looking to recover.

4. Follow their instructions: The carrier may have different procedures or requirements for retrieving deleted text messages. Follow their instructions and provide any additional information or authorization they may need.

5. Be patient: Depending on your carrier’s policies and procedures, it may take some time to retrieve the deleted text messages. Be patient and follow up with them if necessary.

Check Recently Deleted Texts on iPhone without Backup

  • Use the iPhone itself: Access the “Recently Deleted” folder within the Messages app to recover deleted texts.
  • Check iCloud: If your iPhone is synced with iCloud, log in to your iCloud account and check the “Recently Deleted” folder within the Messages section.
  • Try iTunes backup: Connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed and restore from a previous backup to retrieve lost text messages.
  • Use a third-party data recovery tool like iMobie PhoneRescue or Dr.Fone to scan your iPhone and recover deleted texts.
  • Contact your service provider: Reach out to your cellular service provider and inquire if they store copies of your text message history.
  • Ask the recipient: If the deleted text was sent to someone else, kindly request them to forward or screenshot the message for you.

Recover permanently deleted text messages on computer using PhoneRescue for iOS

To recover permanently deleted text messages on your computer, you can use PhoneRescue for iOS. PhoneRescue is a reliable software that specializes in retrieving lost data from iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

First, download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your computer. Launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Once your device is recognized, select the “Recover from iOS Device” mode from the main interface of PhoneRescue.

Choose the “Messages” category and click on the “Start Scan” button to begin the scanning process. PhoneRescue will analyze your iPhone and search for the deleted text messages.

After the scanning is complete, PhoneRescue will display a list of recoverable text messages. You can preview the messages and select the ones you want to recover.

To retrieve the selected text messages, click on the “Recover” button. PhoneRescue will prompt you to choose a location on your computer where you want to save the recovered messages.

Once the recovery process is finished, you can open the saved file to view your recovered text messages.

Remember to regularly back up your iPhone to prevent data loss in the future. PhoneRescue also offers a backup feature that allows you to create a copy of your iPhone data on your computer.

Retrieve iPhone texts from iCloud backup or cellular provider

Step Description
1 Open the iCloud website on your computer.
2 Sign in using your Apple ID and password.
3 Click on Text Messages to view your messages.
4 You can either select individual messages or click Restore All to recover all your messages.

By following these methods, you should be able to recover your lost iPhone text messages either from your iCloud backup or with the help of your cellular provider.

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